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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Teaching is a God-given ministry. It is not simply imparting information, but it is sharing life. Educators say that learners learn 90% from who or what the teacher is. This shows how important the role of the teacher is.

Teaching is a very important ministry. Jesus himself taught more than preached. Wherever He went, many people followed Him. because they wanted listen to Him teach. It has been used as a means of communicating God’s truth.

There are certain factors to consider in the ministry of teaching. First and foremost is God’s call. A called teacher will teach regardless of whether he will receive monetary remuneration or not. A called teacher will stick to the job regardless of the circumstances. He believes that god will be the one to retire him, not his age.

Second, teaching, like any other ministry, needs personal preparation. The teacher needs to be prepared mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He is God’s vessel of His truth, so he must know the truth. He is to understand the feelings and behavior of his learners to be able to deal fairly with them, so he must be prepared emotionally. Above all, he is to present God to his students, so he must be spiritually ready.

Third, teaching has to have goals. Christian teaching aims at “perfecting the man” (II Timothy: 3:17). Christ-likeness is the ultimate goal of teaching (Ephesians: 4:13). A subsidiary goal is to bring the learners to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior.

Fourth, teaching is to be Spirit-directed. The teacher must be Spirit-filed, Spirit-controlled. The Holy Spirit does not only inspire the teacher, but He shows him what to teach and how to teach effectively. He is the one who opens the hearts and minds of the listeners. A Spirit-led teacher recognizes the presence of the Holy Spirit in the classroom or wherever teaching is done and gives Him the opportunity to work in His own way. If He is allowed to move, the classroom becomes an altar for the students to lay their lives bare before god. What a refreshing time it is for everyone if the Holy Spirit takes control!

The hardest part in teaching is the impartation of truths which are not exemplified in the life of the teacher. The teacher cannot say, “do what I tell you to do, but do not do what I do.” But rather he should painstakingly try until he is able to say with Paul “..Join in following my example” (Philippians: 3:17) and “Be imitators of me...” (I Corinthians: 11:1). The teacher is watched more than heard. Someone said,”I cannot bear what you are saying for listening to what you are.” Indeed the ministry of teaching is a solemn responsibility before God and man, for a teacher can either make or break a person’s life.

Teaching has its joys and rewards. The greatest consolation and encouragement to a teacher is when he hears a student say, “Your teaching and your exemplary life have challenged me to press on to my goal. You made it to where you are now; I will make it to the end also.” More than this, a faithful teacher has more to look forward to/ it is when our great Master will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” This is the ultimate measurement of the success of a teacher-God’s commendation! In relation to the students, success in teaching is measured, not only by what the learners are enabled to do, but also by what they can become, and this is dependent on their obedience on how much of the truth is personally applied.

Remembering, therefore, that teaching is a vital ministry for and with God, Christian teachers are challenged to excel for God’s honor and glory, for EXCELLENCE is God’s standard.

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