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From the desk of the Overseer


Greetings to you in the name of our risen Lord Jesus Christ,

It indeed gives me immense joy to share with you the marvellous ways in which God has guided Mount Zion Bible Seminary. We know that it is the Lord’s doing and is marvellous in our eyes.

Mount Zion Bible Seminary is known as the Grand Mother of Seminaries in Kerala with a long history of 92 years.  This historical institution was born as a dream come true of our visionary founder Sir Robert Felix Cook, who pioneered Pentecost movement in South India. He arrived as an independent “faith missionary” in 1913 and worked in different parts of South India. The response to the Gospel message then was overwhelming. This tremendous response gave him a passionate vision to train native young men and women for the Lord’s glorious work. His vision and passion are still carried alive by the vibrant leadership who takes responsibility of reaching the unreached by equipping the unequipped.

The passionate vision Mount Zion Bible Seminary will sure be a blessing to the ministry of Church of God and for global missions.

I also take this opportunity to congratulate all the Alumni who are currently serving the Lord in various capacities around the globe.

God who honours humble beginnings has brought MZBS thus far and we hope that He will continue to use this institution to be a channel of blessing to the posterity.

Let us together reach the nations with the Love of Christ Jesus and show them the way, the truth and love.  My prayers and blessings are with you in this glorious endeavour.

Yours in Christ Jesus

Rev. C.C Thomas.

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