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Paving A Path To Follow

Through The Generations..

Mount Zion Bible College was one of the earliest Pentecostal Bible Colleges in India which was founded by Rev. Robert F. Cook in 1922. Our Seminary is an Auxiliary of Church of God Cleveland, Tennessee, USA and a part of Church of God (full gospel) In India. This establishment remains a pride not only for Kerala State, but to the Church of God the world over.

We have already got the Third Level Certification from Church of God international Education department and on the process of the Fourth Level Certification. At present we have the graduate and under graduate programmes like B.Th, G.Th. and C.Th. Recently we expanded our college campus, extending the infrastructural work, computerized the library, and appointed post graduate teachers for each department.


As the organization began to group up, it was badly in need of trained ministers. Till then, the worker were not so trained, they were, in a sense, followers of Cook. How bait, they managed the church groups and vibrantly engaged in pioneer mission’s.

To tackle down the problem, Cook began a Home Bible School in 1922. It was not an academic oriented school, but merely sharing the word of god in preliminary way. Later on the home bible school, too, moved along with him.

In 1927 Mount Zion became the permanent headquarter and the Bible College was shifted to the veranda of the newly constructed Bungalow. Mrs. Cook served as the first principal of this school.


Tracing it’s origin in 1922 at Kottarakara as home bible training centre, Mount Zion Bible College is the first Bible training centre established in south India. All the most all the native Pentecostal leaders who helmed various Pentecostal organization in India, were well trained from Mount Zion Bible College. Now also we have our alumni all around India and abroad who are constantly fighting for the cause oh His Kingdom .Though we have so many limitations in modern setup, we are proud of having a land marking heritage, becoming generations.

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